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GOLD 1,713.72 1,298.86
SILVER 21.77 16.50
PLATINUM 1,195.37 905.99
PALLADIUM 1,298.10 983.85

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Why you can trust city gold bullion

Centrally located in Adelaide, SA and Brisbane, QLD we take delays out of bullion investment to make it very EASY and FAST for you to buy gold, buy silver or platinum & palladium.

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I was looking for an expert bullion trader, not one of those gold stalls. Frankly, I was relieved when I found City Gold Bullion: the staff are highly professional...

What are the City Gold services?

We are dedicated to looking after your needs quickly and efficiently. Our standard range of bullion products are available for immediate delivery. Personal Service, Swiss Gold...

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Buying Gold Bullion is one of the most sensible investments if you are looking to store and secure your wealth. Here are a few of the reasons you can feel confident dealing...

Why City Gold Bullion ?

  • Our focus is your investment success
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Personal service
  • Swiss gold for maximum security
  • We treat you as an investor, not a number
  • Speed of turnaround

What Our Clients Say

'Dovish' Fed Sees Gold Try $1300 Again as Turkey Hikes Rates, Asian Prices Stay Soft

GOLD PRICES rose within $1.10 of $1300 per ounce against a falling US Dollar on Thursday in London after yesterday saw the release of what analysts and headline-writers called “dovish” notes from the Federal Reserve’s latest policy meeting.   While the Fed’s May meeting minutes showed a consensus for raising Dollar interest rates as expected […]