What clients say about City Gold Bullion is more important than what we say about ourselves. Below, you will find some testimonials from happy clients:


I was looking for an expert bullion trader, not one of those gold stalls. Frankly, I was relieved when I found City Gold Bullion: the staff are highly professional and their service is very personal. City Gold Bullion is in the CBD which is very convenient for me. I’ve always found CIty Gold Bullion prices fair (based on market price), and staff always go out of their way to help me with my investment questions.

Robert Smith, Unley

City Gold Bullion is definitely the place for bullion in Adelaide. Nathan and his staff know bullion inside-out and are always ready to share that knowledge. They’ve made it a pleasure for me to invest in bullion and I’ve recommended City Gold Bullion to friends already.

Martin Krutchell, North Adelaide

(Names and locations changed to protect privacy).

Who Are Our Customers

City Gold clients tend to be people who are able to look ahead into the future and make investment decisions before the rest of the ‘€œherd’.€
Unlike hordes with their heads in the sand, our clients tend to be prepared to think about -€“ and plan for – the future.
They are brave enough to think “what if?”
“What if Greece and Portugal default on their debt?”
“What if the US economy does not recover in 2011”
“What if the Australian government decides to print money”
“What if the Australian dollar drops below $1 US dollar”
Most asset classes operate in long-term (25+ year) cycles. Right now we are in a commodities and precious metals boom.
Most of our clients feel that this boom is likely to continue even though precious metals are reaching high prices in recent months.

Is This You?

You have reached a stage in life where you have accumulated some wealth (most frequently in superannuation, property or shares).
You need to properly diversify and protect you portfolio.
You have a healthy skepticism when it comes to governments and financial institutions.

If any of those statements sounded like you, you might be a City Gold Bullion investor.