We Offer Consistently Fast Gold Bullion for Victoria

If you a€™re looking for consistently fast gold bullion delivery then City Gold Bullion is for you, our head office is based in Adelaide so we can speed your bullion to you overnight in most cases.


In Melbourne, gold, silver platinum & palladium are just as desirable as it is everywhere else in the world right now.


So, if you’re considering sheltering from the global financial crisis, and looking to buy gold or silver, you’ve come to the right website to purchase gold bullion.


Melbourne gold and silver investors like you can invest in precious metals to protect your wealth from the ravages of the global financial system, government intrusion and those dicey fiat currencies.


We specialise in bringing Swiss Gold Bullion to Melbourne and stock all the major precious metals including:

  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
  • Platinum Bullion
  • Palladium Bullion


We also stock a wide range of local silver bullion bars (cast and minted) as well as a wide range of gold and silver coins to buy. Gold coins are a specialty.


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A Message From Nathan Gollan, Managing Director

Dear Investor


Let’s face it; delays in delivery are definitely not what you want when you’re protecting your wealth with gold during this global economic turmoil.


If you’re looking to invest quickly in gold bullion, silver bullion or precious metals, my team and I are ready to help you, and answer any questions you have.

Buy Gold Bullion Fast, at City Gold Bullion

Have you been frustrated by the time it takes to get set up to trade, and the time it takes some companies to deliver bullion to you?

I know, you can always go to a certain mint. But let€™s face it. Do you really want the government involved in your investment business?

At City Gold Bullion, we’ve tailored our whole business around looking after you, and helping you put your hands on the metals you want in your portfolio.

Buying bullion is one thing. Being able to sell it back fast when you want the cash is also important. That’s why City Gold Bullion guarantees to buy it back from you when you want (less a trading commission).

You might be thinking: “I get the FAST bit, but what’s important about SWISS gold and silver bullion?” Good question.

It’s all about liquidity.

Buying Gold from Switzerland = Better Liquidity

City Gold Bullion ranges the highest quality gold bullion and silver bars, with highly reputable local brands such as ABC, Johnson Matthey and PAMP Swiss.

However if you’re looking to buy gold bars that are the most widely accepted gold bullion, we think Swiss LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) approved “Good Delivery” bars are the best of the lot.

So unless you have a reason not to, we recommend you buy genuine SWISS gold bullion and silver bullion. City Gold Bullion is where you can get Swiss Gold with a level of service that is just as good.

Melbourne investors, you’ll love being able to deal in internationally recognised bullion brands with a local supplier – but people from all parts of Australia use City Gold Bullion. The reason? We have branches in both Adelaide and Brisbane, and can easily courier precious metals anywhere – to the Eastern seaboard, the West or North to the NT.

Proudly Australian, Rapid Delivery to Melbourne and Victoria!

Our overseas clients love that City Gold Bullion has bases in two of Australia’s most mineral-rich states – South Australia and Queensland.

If you are a local Melbourne investor in the mood for investing in gold, it’s easy to buy online or by phone.

We wi€™ll have your gold couriered to you securely.

If you place an order to purchase gold bullion with us before 3:30pm Monday to Thursday, we can speed your bullion right to you (fully insured, of course) and it will reach you overnight* more than 99% the time.

*Next business day, metropolitan delivery areas.

You Are Assured of Total Independence and Privacy

I’m not sure about you, but I’m not too keen on government institutions.

City Gold Bullion is completely independent so we are NOT part of, or a division of, government bureaucracy – State or Federal.

Your details are kept completely secure – the only time we reveal any information is when it is specifically required by law.

People investing in silver and gold bullion usually like to ensure their privacy. We respect that, and we’ll always respect you and your privacy.

Gold Bullion: Melbourne Gold, Silver, and Platinum – ALL GST FREE

You might be surprised to know that the gold, silver and platinum bullion is GST-exempt.

That means you can invest confidently, and sell when you need to, without a sales tax penalty taking the wealth from your pockets on the way through.

Please note: We also have a range of platinum and palladium products, for those who want to buy platinum and other exotic metals. Unfortunately palladium attracts GST whereas if you buy platinum it is GST exempt. If you buy gold coins, they can be GST exempt too, but only if you invest in gold coins that are 99.99% pure (bullion grade).

Any Questions? Just Ask – Or, even better, pop in to the showroom to meet with a City Gold Bullion metals professional. We specialise in helping you find any information you need. If you are a new investor, we LOVE taking the time to help you know the basics of our exciting industry – we will go out of our way to look after you.

I hope you find lots of great information on this site. Don’t forget – If you’re in Melbourne, we’ll usually be able to have your bullion in your hands the next business day!

Yours sincerely ,


Nathan Gollan
Managing Director

PS – About Our Guaranteed Buy Back

After over a decade trading bullion, we know you also want liquidity. You want to sell your gold back for cash, when you want.

City Gold Bullion offers guaranteed buyback for our brands. That means that even when other bullion dealers are not buying, City Gold will make an offer for your gold based on the prevailing spot price.

We can make this commitment because our significant daily trading volumes allow us to confidently buy back gold when many dealers are only selling. And because we make a small trading margin on buying and selling bullion, we are always happy to make a trade with you on any business day.


Please note: nothing on this website is intended as, or should be construed as, personal or general financial advice. All investments can rise and fall and every individual’s financial circumstances are different. You are advised to seek independent financial advice before investing in precious metals.