Our Focus is your investment success, through:

Speed and Efficiency

We are dedicated to looking after your needs quickly and efficiently. Our standard range of bullion products are available for immediate delivery.


Personal Service

When you deal with City Gold Bullion, you are dealing with a team whose only interest is to help you with your bullion investments. All our investors even have a direct line to our Managing Director, Nathan Gollan, for added support and security.


Swiss Gold for Maximum Security

Although we carry a wide range of local bullion brands, you will find we specialise in Swiss gold bullion. Swiss gold bullion is known around the world for its consistent quality and tradability. When you buy gold bullion from City Gold Bullion, we’ll offer you PAMP swiss gold bars, which are the finest on the planet and recognisable in any reputable bullion trader around the world.


You are an investor, not a number

Unlike some large bullion mints, we treat you as an investor, not a number. If you have any request, we will do our very best to help you.


Nathan Gollan recounts this recent tale of investment success:


Recently, an elderly gentleman came to see us and was trying to decide whether he should buy Gold or silver. We discussed his portfolio and what he was looking to achieve and in the end he decided to buy some gold bullion. Since then, he has made an effort to understand the market and continues to place a small but regular investment in physical Gold bullion. Down the track, he bought some silver and has been delighted with its performance during the global financial crisis.


Speed of Turnaround

You will not find anyone faster or more efficient – if you are looking to get hold of your gold bullion investment quickly, City Gold Bullion is a natural choice.


Adelaide customers can pick up their gold bullion and silver bullion in a matter of minutes. And because we are positioned conveniently in the centre of Australia, we can deliver range of stocked bullion overnight to most destinations.


If you are based overseas, we can look after you too. Australia is politically stable and safe environment for international precious metal investors.