37.5g ABC Bullion Tael Cast Gold Bar .9999


The Chinese Tael is a historical name for the gold weight of 37.50 grams. Weight: 1.2056 troy ounces .9999

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Product Description

37.5g ABC Bullion Tael Gold Bar .9999

The Chinese tael is the ancient weight standard of 37.5g, and this delightful doughnut-shaped Chinese gold bar represents an excellent purchase for any thoughtful, hard-asset investor.

Gold Tael for Sale Online with Australia-wide delivery

This round-edged doughnut-shaped example contains 37.5 grams of gold and is characterised by the hole cast in its centre. This precious and charming 37.5-gram tael gold bar is customarily worn and gifted at Hindu festivals, weddings, or as a Chinese New Year offering. Paired with a cord or elegant chain, this striking 1 tael gold bar carries significant meaning for any wearer, whether male, female, old, young, friend or a loved one and is available online with Australia-wide delivery.

The ABC Bullion Chinese Gold Tael Is A Doughnut-Shaped Cast Bar with Beautiful Markings

An extraordinary and unique 37.5 gram ABC bullion tael cast bar, gold and formed into a 25mm diameter ring-shaped doughnut, this lovely piece provides a purposeful way of purchasing 99.99% pure, high-quality precious gold as an investment or poignant gift. For the price of 1 tael of gold and flourishing in popularity and demand throughout Australia year on year, each Chinese gold bar comes embellished with Chinese characters that translate to ‘wishing you good luck and great fortune’.

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